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  • We ensure to our customers that each and every detail is safe with us. We love to work professionally and leaking out the customer’s information is not at all that we accept.
  • Same as this we always want our customers to keep our work confidentiality. Never use us as a third-party source. Or every point must be clear before placing an order.

  • We would be able to keep the privacy if customer will keep the transparency and will not violate any rule.

  • The payment system is also secure and we confirm that none of the information from our website will be leaked.

  • We dedicate the order ID to each customer so their name shouldn’t be used everywhere for privacy concerns.

Revision & Refund Policy

Following are the points we want customer should keep in mind before asking us for revisions:

  • The revision is only provided if previously the information provided by the customer was complete and anything was not missing.
  • We provide full revision if there is a mistake from our side.

  • Mostly we follow professor comments so any objection made by student is first recheck before making the changes.

  • We provided free first 5 revisions as after that it is important for the client to fully understand what’s wrong.

  • If in the revision word count are exceeding so client should understand and compensate of those word count.

Following points should be considered for refund policy

  • The amount will be refunded if the order is cancelled within 6 hours of placement.

  • If we miss the deadline, we will provide the refund of the paid amount.

  • Amount is not refundable if professor have issues with the task and every professor do not understand the writing style of every writer. So, to overcome this conflict changes will be made.

  • Refund is no possible if in case any part of the assignment is missing or not done completely, however, in such cases we provide instant revisions.