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Essay on the Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah


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Essay on Quaid-E-Azam

Muhammad Ali Jinnah established Quaid-i-Azam Muslim Pakistan. Throughout the Subcontinent, he was revered as a strong leader. On December 25 December 25, 1876, he entered the world in Karachi. He was the firstborn of his parents. Mr. Poonja Jinna was a successful businessman, and Jinnah was raised with an expectation that he would one day lead the family business, but God had chosen him for a bigger purpose in life.

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Early Life of Baba e Qom, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. 

Quaid got excellent education from prestigious institutions. When he was sixteen, his parents sent him to England to attend law school. Jinnah had already established himself as a hardworking and trustworthy student abroad. He earned his Bar-at-Law degree from Lincoln Inn after studying law abroad. Four years later, he returned to India and began practicing law in Bombay. His career as a lawyer took off quickly. He became a magistrate for Bombay in 1900.

During his time in London, Quaid-e-Azam became interested in politics for the first time. He stopped working as a lawyer and became active in the Indian National Congress. Intending to defeat the British, he sought to rally Hindus and Muslims into a single force. But the Hindu leadership, in his opinion, was looking out for themselves. All India Muslim League was a group he felt compelled to join.

He advocated on behalf of a Muslim country that would be distinct from the rest of the world. With his fourteen-point list, he laid forth his aspirations for the Muslims of India. Congress did not agree with these requests. And yet, he did not give up hope. As a leader, he had a lot of determination. He endured a great deal of suffering yet never wavered from his convictions. The Muslim League voted to approve a resolution calling for a Muslim country. His obstacles were considerable, yet he never let them stop him. He had the same unwavering resolve and firmness as a mountain.

Quaid-e-Azam was an exceptional public speaker. He had to give several public addresses as part of his fight for Pakistan. In his public speaking, he always came across quite well. He spoke extensively about the topic, covering every angle. After much perseverance, he finally achieved his goal. On August 14 August 1947, Pakistan's independence was declared. As Pakistan's first Governor-General, he made history. The nation benefited immensely from his tireless efforts.

The road to success is paved with hard effort. It was common knowledge within the Quaid-i-circle. He was a diligent worker who always got the job done. To help others was second nature to him. His health wasn't great, yet he still spent long hours serving his country. He cared for and contributed to his country. He traveled extensively across India to bring about a change in the Muslim community there. He had to deal with everything, yet he never seemed tired.s Due to such traits of our great leader, Muslims today has a renewed sense of purpose and optimism. Finally, he was able to provide India's Muslim minority a place of their own. As of now, we are living in a completely sovereign country. Efforts made by our great leader, the Quaid-e-Azam, are responsible for this.

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