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Future of Pakistan Short Essay


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Currently, Pakistan is going through a lot of misery and economic crises. If we observe closely, some developments are part of the country, whereas many investors have said goodbye to this place. The present situation is perplexing, as with so much in this blessed country, the political leaders and other powerful authorities have failed to run it effectively. Undeniably, the expected future of Pakistan is erratic due to the uncertain political situation; however, it strongly depends on youth decisions and actions. All we need at this time is unity and the implementation of Islamic rules and regulations. This essay, produced by the team at Essay Writing Service Pakistan, foresees some important points relating to the future of Pakistan. 

Future of democracy in Pakistan 

According to the caretaker and Prime Minister, Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, they emphasize protecting and promoting the democracy of Pakistan. However, the delay in the election depicts a different picture, as it shows that democracy is losing its power. The domination of state institutions over political institutions and steady alliances has not been in the democracy of Pakistan in the last fifty years. The recent political developments, such as the greater assertiveness of the parliaments and judiciary, the gradual withdrawal of state institutions, and the increase in the political consciousness among the public have raised democracy's survival chances.

In any country, democracy is sustained in a country with cultural acceptance. It is sustained through mutual commitment to democratic values and norms. We can say that Pakistan has a future in democracy because there isn’t any competent political solution that exists. Nevertheless, some challenges need to be focused on because democracy is a procedure that continues with time and the acceptance of its society people. Social media ventures and media literacy are doing their job to aware people of the democratic values of its political leaders. Hence, solving the equation of democracy through a rugged and rough road.

Future of Pakistan Economy 

The economy of Pakistan, as of FY23 seems to have contracted in FY23, after the decrease in its GDP for two consecutive years. In the year 2023, the GDP declined by 0.6 percent, whereas it shows a growth in FY22 by 6.1 percent and 5.8 percent in FY21. Pakistan was unfortunate due to heavy floods, which caused damage to livestock and crops. This further slowed agriculture output, with 44 percent of poor workers depending on agriculture. The disruption in the supply chain due to import restrictions is another economic downfall. Private consumption also contracted with the declining labor market and rolling inflation. As a result of the reduced labor income of millions of workers, especially those working in lower-productivity informal jobs.

Observation of all these circumstances explains that economic growth is predicted to remain sluggish in the future with downside risks. Efforts are being made to control the economic crises by limiting imports, increasing international monetary funds, and increasing the production of crops. The projection of real GDP growth is 1.7 percent in FY24 and percent 2.3 in FY25. Therefore, the future of Pakistan's economy depends on the effective measures taken by the government to provide ease to its people. Government should focus in increasing the country's production, and people should contribute to this by using home-grown products rather than imported products.

Expected Future of Pakistan

Year 2023 was a year with a series of challenges and crises for Pakistan. The aftermath of COVID-19 was unbearable because of the lack of preparation and precautionary measures by the government of Pakistan. These circumstances blow the already fragile economy, pushing it into a recession for the second time in the history of Pakistan. The other factors that are causing stress on the economy and situation in Pakistan are the external wars and the fiscal crises. Although the intensity of the conflicts is low with Afghanistan and India currently, it may lead to a full-scale war with India or with TTP (extremist religious elements) groups, causing damage to existence of Pakistan.

On the other hand, the political chaos is bringing severe economic crises, with unending battles between political parties and the PTI. The economy of Pakistan plummeted once again due to the whirlwind of its lack. Meanwhile, the global shocks worsened the country’s problems. It has been three decades; no serious action has been taken to change the current situation in Pakistan. The number of unresolved issues is rising with temporary solutions that arise again and again. It is suggested by the top research writers in Pakistan that the political authorities and public must take necessary steps to overcome the deteriorating situation of Pakistan. If people will not unite and take a stand, it might end up putting Pakistan in the unrecoverable damage.

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