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What is the difference between Article and Essay Writing?


Blog image - What is the difference between Article and Essay Writing?

Essays and articles are forms of written communication, but both have different aspects. There is a fine line between both of these writing styles. An article is mostly in the form of a report or content that is published in a magazine, newspaper, website, or journal, either in print form or electronically. In addition, the article can be slightly lengthy as it educates regarding various concepts and ideas with a clear objective in mind. Articles are mostly found online and written on trending topics. Also, the purposes of both essay and article writing are different. A clear difference between essay and article pdf can be easily found online on many websites.

On the contrary, an essay is an in-depth and formal work on literature that discusses and analyzes a particular subject or problem. Essay writing is for different purposes, such as academic reasons. An essay is precisely written and should be relevant to the topic, whereas, articles are based on writer's preferences or targeting any goals.  Essay Writers in Pakistan have studied and mentioned the following differences between articles and essays:

Outlining the Key Difference between Article and Essay:

Many people confuse that is article and essay are same? Following are the points that clearly state the difference between essay and article: 

  • An article is usually written for publication in a newspaper, website, magazine, or journal. It contains information or news in a specified format. On the contrary, an essay follows a more academic style, and the purpose is to convince the reader with the mentioned arguments or facts. 
  • An article is objective and based on facts and evidence. It narrates the event and describes the topic in informative ways. Whereas an essay is subjective as it is based on the research-based opinion and views of a writer on a specific topic. 
  • The tone of an article is conversational, as it has to attract many readers, and the content of the article should be highly informative and captivating. As mentioned, in essays, a more academic tone is used, and the content, theories, or concepts are studied from already published papers, books, or journals. 
  • An article writer's goal is to keep the readers aware of some outlined objectives, issues, or current scenarios. For articles, there are no set of questions; an article writer just works towards the goal. However, an essay is written in response to a particular question and does not target a particular group of readers. 
  • Charts, photographs, graphs, and statistics, are often used to support the article's findings. Whereas, while writing an essay, it is not supported by any graphs, images, or photographs. 
  • In an article there is no need to add citations or references whereas, in essay writing, references and citations are must. 

Few Types of Essay Writing

There are many kinds of essays written each day, and a few of them are: 

  • Argumentative Essay: This kind of essay is about forming an opinion based on research. The discussion is backed by evidence-based arguments, such as whether the use of mobile phones has a negative or positive effect on children. This kind of topic is discussed and supported by evidence. 
  • Narrative: In this kind of essay, creative language is used to present a convincing storyline. For example, generating a story based on one's own experiences is a type of narrative essay. 
  • Descriptive: In a descriptive essay, creative language is used, like explaining the sensory details. Many writers discuss the scenarios as having sentimental value for them. 
  • Expository Essay: It is based on communicating clear information, and it should consider the exact facts and figures. An example of an expository essay is explaining how the invention of the printing press changed the society of Europe. 

Few Types of Article Writing

  • Online Article Writing: Such articles are written online for blogs, guest postings, and news websites. 
  • Magazine Articles: These are written and published by writers, researchers, or journalists. The topics are based on what they have experienced or the most trending topics. Examples are in fashion, architecture, and others. 
  • SEO Article Writing: This article is based on SEO keyword writing and is mainly written for website ranking services. 
  • Also, in article writing, there are expository, persuasive, and descriptive kinds of article writing based on the intend and goal of the writer.

To sum up, articles and essays serve different purposes and have different styles of writing. Essays do not consist of headings, but when writing an article, titles are a must. Essays are written for academic purposes, while articles are written in a professional setting. Even there are different departments that offers essay writing service and article writing services in many organizations.


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