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The Day of Independence: 14th August 1947


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In 1947, Pakistan arose from the ashes of British India, which had previously been divided into two Conquests: India and Pakistan. The 14th of August 1947 was the day when Pakistan attained its freedom, one day before India did so.

During the partition of India, districts of India with a mostly Muslim population were established in both East and West Pakistan. The "two-nation theory" provided the rationale for the establishment of Pakistan. This theory postulated that the Hindus and Muslims living in India before its partition formed two distinct "states" that, as a result, demanded their own independent nations.

Acceptance of the Religion of Islam

Conflict and persecution of Muslims by Hindus plagued the subcontinent when the religion of Islam was brought and adopted there. Despite the conditions not being favorable for the Muslim community, the oppressed Muslims who lived in the subcontinent were able to realize their hopes and aspirations of liberation through the application of bravery and faith. Online assignment help in Pakistan thinks that the 14th of August celebrated as Independence Day in Pakistan, might be considered a unique day of liberty. Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh were formerly connected and known as the Indian subcontinent.

If not for the outstanding contribution and tenacity of a single man, the idea of Pakistan, as well as the independence of Muslims, would still be nothing more than a daydream today. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a politician and lawyer who is regarded as the founder of Pakistan. He is also known as the "Father of the Nation." Beginning in 1913 and continuing until Pakistan's sovereignty in 1947, Jinnah served as the head of the All-India Muslim League.

Muslim Migration 1947

Another of the largest movements in the history of mankind occurred in August 1947, when millions of Muslims started to migrate to East and West Pakistan, while numbers of Hindus and Sikhs began making their way in the other direction. This exodus is known as the Partition of India.

It is believed that in the years immediately after the Separation, Pakistan took in close to 7 million refugees from neighboring countries. There were tens of thousands of people who did not make it at all; according to the estimate, there were 200,000 people who were killed in the atrocities that occurred alongside the exodus.

Violence Caused in 1947

The division resulted in a great deal of violence and murder. Since the conception of the notion of a separate country for Muslims, Hindu barbarity grew, and there has been significant resistance to Jinnah and the other Muslim leaders' plans to establish a separate identity for Muslims. Jinnah and the other Muslim leaders wanted to build a sovereign state for Muslims. Many families and dynasties were shattered as a result of the partitioning, and their stories are still being gathered and stored today.

When the country was first established on August 13, 1947, at 11:59 p.m., the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation was entrusted with the responsibility of officially proclaiming Pakistan's independence from Great Britain.

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